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Resources for Food Journalists

Helpful Links

bullet Abundance Across America - Listing of food festivals and events
bullet Almond Board of California
bullet American Egg Board
bullet American Meat Institute
bullet Better Baking
bullet Bites of Asia Recipes from throughout Asia
bullet Brewers Association of America, An organization with its own Journalism Awards
bullet California Culinary Academy
bullet Canning -
bullet Carolina Foodie
bullet Chile Pepper Institute - New Mexico State University
bullet Chocolate Alliance
bullet Chocolate Timeline
bullet Complete Guide to Cooking in the Civil War Era
bullet Cookbooks Online
bullet Cuisine du Monde: Includes recipe index, glossary
bullet Culinary Connection
bullet Diabetic Gourmet Magazine
bullet Diners’ Grapevine - World Wide Restaurant Resource
bullet Earth & Table Resource Directory
bullet Electronic Gourmet Guide
bullet Epicurious
bullet Fatfree: The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive
bullet FDA Food Section
bullet Fig Advisory Board
bullet Food Marketing Institute
bullet Food Navigator
bullet Food professionals’ relationships with food companies: a Q and A
bullet Food Reference Website
bullet Garlic Lovers’ Page
bullet Gilroy Garlic Festival (Gilroy, CA)
bullet Global Gourmet
bullet Good Cooking! Food, Wine Travel & More
bullet Gourmet Connection
bullet Grocery Manufacturers Association
bullet Guide to Online Journalism Programs
bullet Institute of Culinary Education (NY)
bullet Internet Food Channel
bullet Kids Food
bullet Library of Congress Elizabeth Robins Pennell Collection
bullet Library of Congress Katherine Golden Bitting Collection
bullet Meals For You
bullet Monell Center - Advancing Discover in Taste and Smell
bullet Nat Decants Free Wine Newsletter
bullet National Public Radio
bullet National Restaurant Association
bullet NetFood Directory - Food and Beverage associations and sites
bullet On the Food Scene
bullet Plant Name Database
bullet Produce Marketing Association
bullet Recipes - Cooks Recipes
bullet Recipes - All Recipes
bullet Recipes - Famous Brands Sites
bullet Recipes - Recipe Archives
bullet Recipes - Top Secret Recipes
bullet Research Chefs Association
bullet Salt Institute
bullet Snack Food Association
bullet Society for Features Journalism
bullet Society for Professional Journalism
bullet Sosland Publishing: Dedicated to the grain-based food industry
bullet Starchefs - Features and tips from some culinary masters
bullet Sugar Institute
bullet Sun Organic Food: organic food, organic fruit and organic nuts
bullet United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service
bullet Viticulture & Enology - wine studies at UC Davis
bullet Wheat Foods Council
bullet Wine Institute - Non Profit Advocacy Group for California Wineries
bullet Wine Spectator - great site for wine lovers
bullet Wines on the Internet (wine, winery, winemaker forum, wine shops, wine gifts)

Association of Food Journalists

Resources for Food Journalists

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