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May 2019 - Tracie McMillan, How to fact-check a chef

How can you check if a restaurant treats workers well? Tracie McMillan, who helped Food & Wine create its inaugural “Great Restaurants to Work For” list, will walk you through core questions to ask and the easy-to-get public documents that can help you figure it out. Separate fact from spin and learn the strategies you need to ask chefs tough questions.

McMillan is an award-winning investigative journalist and author of the 2012 NYT Bestseller, The American Way of Eating @TMMcMillan


March 2019 - Soleil Ho, Words I would never use in a review

“Owing to a mixture of myth, prejudice and marketing, food writing in particular is often victim to strange verbiage that fails to describe accurately or fairly. One of my great hopes with my own writing is for it to better reflect and respect the way real people live in the world. Some might call this self-censorship or being too politically correct. But, as a writer, I think that pretending that word choice doesn’t matter would undermine my whole profession. In this webinar, I’ll talk about the words I won’t use in my reviews and why.”

Soleil Ho is the restaurant critic for the SF Chronicle.


February 2019 - Devra First and John Kessler, Calling out your city’s restaurant scene: Pointers from Devra First and John Kessler

This webinar features the two critics in conversation as they examine where their cities fall short and how they can improve. 


January 2019 - Marisa Kwiatkowski, Backgrounding Sources

Award-winning investigative journalist Marisa Kwiatkowski covered some basic and more advanced tools for completing background checks on sources including tips on when and how to complete such a search.


December 2018 - Adrian Miller, African Heritage Cuisines in the U.S.

August 2019 marks the 400th anniversary of enslaved Africans arriving in Virginia. In this webinar, James Beard Award-winning author Adrian Miller shared several ways that food writers can commemorate the culinary legacy of that tragic historical moment in our nation's history.


September 2018 - Nikita Richardson, Where Are All the Black Restaurant Critics?

Based on her May 2018 article of the same title, Richardson plans to focus on the idea of diversity versus equity, an overview of the current state of food media, and how hiring practices and internal culture can be changed to make food media a more welcoming place for people of color on staff.


July and August 2018 - Anna Roth, Content Strategy for Food Journalists

This two-part webinar series that focused on what you need to know about content strategy, a growing field in the tech industry that draws on many of the same skills as journalism — reporting, researching, interviewing, writing, planning coverage — but doesn't require complicated programming know-how. Anna discussed her transition from full-time journalist to content strategist and how she's been able to leverage her skills and experience in the tech world. Check out both webinars via these links, PART ONE and PART TWO. Please note, we had tech difficulties during the second webinar, but if you fast forward through the first few minutes, you can hear the webinar in its entirety.


May 2018 - Susan Dosier, Tools for Improving Your Website

Susan Dosier spoke about three ways to achieve higher organic search rankings, what search engines look for, and how you can improve your website in three concrete ways.


April 2018 - Silvia Killingsworth, Blind Spots When We Talk About Food

April's Sound Bites webinar featured Silvia Killingsworth, series editor of Houghton Mifflin's Best American Food Writing for 2018 and 2019. Silvia spoke about the socioeconomic blind spots we have when we talk about food; specifically what it means to "eat well," and how much that actually costs, not just in terms of money but also in time, nutritional education, and government subsidies.


January 2018 - Amanda Kludt, Female Representation in Restaurants

Our most recent members-only webinar in January was hosted by Eater Editor in Chief Amanda Kludt, focused on female representation in restaurants.


December 2017 - Tristan Ahtone, Inclusive Storytelling with Nieman Foundation Fellow Tristan Ahtone