Marian Burros Named 2017 Recipient of the Carol DeMasters Award

Chapel Hill, NC: Marian Burros named fourth recipient Carol DeMasters Service to Food Journalism Award by the Association of Food Journalists.

The Association of Food Journalists is proud to announce that Marian Burros will be the fourth recipient of the Carol DeMasters Service to Food Journalism Award.

The award was established to honor Carol DeMasters, a co-founder of AFJ and longtime executive director (until 2012). Its purpose is to recognize an individual who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of food journalism.

Burros has worked as a food editor, reporter and columnist since 1964, when she started as food editor of the Washington Daily News. From 1974 to 1981 she was the food editor for The Washington Post. In 1981 she became a food reporter for The New York Times, and a columnist for that paper in 1983. Throughout her career she has been recognized by myriad organizations for her contributions to food journalism. These awards include an Emmy in 1973 for consumer reporting, citations from the National Press Club and more. Burros has authored a dozen cookbooks. Her recipe for plum torte, originally written for The New York Times in September 1983, is the most requested recipe in the newspaper’s history.

The Association of Food Journalists was founded in 1974 as a professional organization dedicated to preserving and perpetuating responsible food journalism across media platforms. In the days when female journalists weren’t always treated as valued professionals in some newsrooms, Burros was one of the women who helped to found the organization, bringing attention to the role of journalism ethics and solid reporting in the coverage of food.

Upon notification of receiving the award, Burros said: “How very flattering to receive this award, especially from a group of which I was a founding member! I am just thrilled.”

The Carol DeMasters Service to Food Journalism Award was established in 2014 and is the highest honor given by the organization. Past winners include Kimberly Wilmot Voss, associate professor of journalism at the University of Central Florida and the author of “The Food Section: Newspaper Women and the Culinary Community,” John T. Edge, founder of the Southern Foodways Alliance, and Dr. Jessica Harris, a respected author, lecturer and professor on African-American foodways.

Burros will accept the award on Sept. 15, at AFJ’s 2017 conference in Philadelphia, PA. 

Marian Burros, 2017 recipient of the Carol DeMasters Award for service to food journalism

Amanda Miller

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