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Steve Hoffman 

Steve Hoffman 

Steve Hoffman shares one acre on Turtle Lake, in Shoreview, Minnesota, with his family, an ill-behaved puggle, four pampered chickens and roughly 80,000 honeybees. He is a tax preparer, real estate broker, writer, and occasional French villager.


Twitter: @sjrhoffman

Instagram: @sjrhoffman


1. Favorite writer: It's more of a holy trinity: P.G. Wodehouse, Marcel Pagnol, Richard Olney.

2. Favorite or least favorite childhood food: God, I loved Little Debbie Nutty Bars. You could bite through the whole thing, and the strata of wafers gave this sort of weak resistance and dissolved into a perfect mouthful of bad chocolate, fake peanut butter and starch. But then you could also lift off the top and bottom layers and get what felt like three nutty bars in one - chocolatey top layer, chocolatey bottom layer and peanut buttery middle. I refuse to disclose my personal record for most Nutty Bars eaten in a single sitting, but it's not impossible that more than one entire box was involved. 

3. Cake or pie? Pie. Blueberry. Rustic. With heavy cream whipped by hand with a whisk, so that I feel I've earned what's about to happen. 

4. If time and money were no object, I'd hop a plane to _______ to eat _______.  Sète, France...whatever seven courses of Mediterranean seafood Anne Majourel was serving that day at her restaurant, La Coquerie

5. Best advice I've ever received and used: There are about 20 (items) and they all came from my wife, Mary Jo. One I’ve already used: “If you write it down, it will happen.” One I’m still working on: “You can do anything you want. You just can’t do everything you want.” I hate that one.