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Do you have a passion for food that you share through storytelling?

Are you inspired by excellence in food writing?

Consider joining the Association of Food Journalists. Our mission is to preserve and perpetuating responsible food journalism across media platforms.

Who can be a member of AFJ?

While their backgrounds and platforms may vary, AFJ members share the same goal: To learn and grow together as professionals in the rapidly changing and expanding world of food journalism. All AFJ members must adhere to the AFJ Code of Ethics.

To join us, complete the application form now.  


AFJ was founded in 1974 and is proud of its history of professionalism and high ethical standards, recently chronicled in Gastronomica. Forty years later, the group is as passionate as ever about helping members adapt to and excel in their rapidly changing field.

AFJ provides programming that helps its members advance their careers. Benefits of a remarkably affordable membership include:

  • An annual conference featuring game-changing professional development sessions; a chance for one-on-one critiques from noted writers-in-residence and behind-the-scenes exploration of the the conference city's unique food culture.

  • A scholarship program to help members advance and update their professional skills and food knowledge.

  • Networking opportunities with some of the country’s finest food journalists.

  • Access to the food expertise of other members.

  • Reduced fees to enter AFJ’s prestigious awards competition.

  • Access to job openings around the country.

  • The opportunity to learn and grow professionally year-round through a quarterly newsletter, webinars and more.