AFJ @ euphoria - Ticket package

Think of AFJ @ euphoria as a journalism workshop pop-up event within a larger culinary and music celebration (euphoria). AFJ @ euphoria programming takes place on Thursday and Friday, complemented by optional euphoria festivities that last through Sunday brunch. AFJ @ euphoria ticket holders will also have VIP access to euphoria Signature events throughout the weekend, ending with the Fired up! brunch on Sunday, Sept. 22. Keep reading for additional descriptions of the euphoria events available to AFJ @ euphoria ticket holders.

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Tickets for AFJ @ euphoria may only be purchased via this link.

  • AFJ @ euphoria ticket packages are open to AFJ members and potential members.

  • Early bird pricing is available through Friday, June 7.

Lexus will provide shuttle transportation within a 5-mile radius of downtown Greenville during business hours. AFJ @ euphoria tickets will also include VIP access, when available, and all of the following events: 

Thursday, Sept. 19 - AFJ Awards ceremony at Avenue, cocktail reception at Husk Greenville, Songwriter's recipe at Zen and the Greenville kick-off party at Old Cigar Warehouse.

Friday, Sept. 20 - Culinary bus tour of Greenville, feast with local chefs for lunch, two AFJ educational sessions and a fireside chat between José Andrés and James Beard Award winning AFJ member Carlos Frías, the VIP experience at the Champions Club, Taste of the South including the concert & cuisine with Drive by Truckers and New South rockers, The Vegabonds, and the Taste of the South after-party.

Saturday, Sept. 21 - Media brunch, Feast by the Field and the Party in the Park at Trailblazer's Park in Travelers Rest.

Sunday, Sept. 22 - Fired up! Sunday brunch.

The only way to gain admission to the José Andrés and AFJ educational sessions is through purchasing the AFJ @ euphoria ticket package. Don't wait!

ticket prices

AFJ members $200; Prospective members $275; AFJ student member $100; Student prospective member $125.

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Earlier this spring we invited the public to program the AFJ @ euphoria educational sessions. Two AFJ members won for their proposals. Ligaya Figueras, food and dining editor and lead critic, The Atlanta Journal Constitution won for her proposal, Ethics in Food Journalism. Emily Saladino, editor in chief of VinePair won for her proposal, All Food is Political (And Everybody’s Gotta Eat). Be sure to attend these two sessions on Friday, September 20. Keep reading for session descriptions and click here for panelist bios.

Ethics in Food Journalism

Freebies—should you accept them? Press releases—are you thinking about your beat beyond what is dumped from PR firms? The food world is ripe with stories. We'll discuss the ins and outs of ethics in food journalism and how we navigate sometimes murky waters so that we can serve our audiences as unbiased, fair reporters. Responsible food journalism requires fair, unbiased reporting. Food journalists have unparalleled access to chefs, kitchens and restaurants to write stories. This panel discusses how do to that with ethics at the forefront.

Moderated by Ligaya Figueras, food and dining editor and lead critic, The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Panelists: Catherine Klene, Sauce Magazine; Jamila Robinson, The Atlantic; Kim Severson, The New York Times.

All Food is Political (And Everybody’s Gotta Eat)

For some readers, food writing is more about entertainment than issues. When a journalist mentions labor, race, or gender in a piece, it can disrupt a delicious fantasy of visionary chefs, BBQ-sauced road trips, or nobly punishing Master Sommelier exams. Other readers cringe when articles bypass the political issues that accompany culinary culture. “Without a doubt, food has become newly political,” posited a widely-shared New Republic feature, “What was the Foodie?” on March 18, 2019. The culinary Twitterverse exploded, calling it uninformed and ahistorical. The goal of this panel is to help people seek out new contexts and different lenses through which to consume what’s on their plates and in their news feeds. Quality food journalism has the ability to bring everyone into dialogue. It's is an effective medium for political conversations because it’s grounded in our elemental, universal need for sustenance.

This panel is not about divisive rhetoric. It is a conversation in which those in different corners of the industry can explore how culinary and political issues intersect. Politics are inseparable from food, and understanding that relationship is crucial to responsible journalism. It's woven into the fabric of our industry. Restaurant writers recommended havens to road-tripping black Americans in the Jim Crow south, and nightlife columnists shared clubs that welcomed LGBTQ communities. Once we get comfortable exploring the intersection of politics and food writing, we can include everyone in the conversation — even those who may feel alienated at first. We can better understand who we are, what we read or watch, and why it matters. We can stop mindlessly scrolling, and start really feeding ourselves. Besides, if we don’t hold the mirror up, how can we see ourselves?

Moderated by Emily Saladino, editor in chief, VinePair. Panelists: Ashtin Berry, food and beverage activist; Dan Q. Dao, writer; John deBary, cocktail and bar expert; Nneka M. Okona, writer.

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