Although AFJ is an international organization, we believe in bringing our members to the same table to explore best practices in freelancing; food trends and professional development. 

AFJ webinars are a free benefit for AFJ members in good standing. We invite those who are not members to join us for a small administrative fee. Email Amanda C. Miller for additional details.

UP NEXT: FOOD WRITERS in the legal jungle - october 25, 2017

AFJ is pleased to welcome author Joy R. Butler as the host of our next Sound Bites webinar. Butler is a Washington, DC-based media, technology, and licensing attorney who excels at explaining complicated legal issues in understandable terms and proposing practical solutions to business problems. Ms. Butler’s book publications include The Permission Seeker's Guide Through the Legal Jungle: Clearing Copyrights, Trademarks and Other Rights for Entertainment and Media Productions, recently updated and expanded for 2017. She also regularly blogs on media and intellectual property law issues at www.GuideThroughtheLegalJungleBlog.com.

This webinar will address legal issues of interest to food journalists including:

  • how food journalists can protect their original material (with an emphasis on available protection for recipes);
  • when and how food journalists can permissibly incorporate quotes, images, and real people into their writing; and
  • how to determine when bad reviews and online snarking cross the line into actionable defamation. 

This webinar will take place on Wednesday, October 25 at 1:30pm EST. RSVP to afj.amanda@gmail.com today.


AdRIAN Miller, AUTHOR - August 11, 2017

We are looking forward to Adrian Miller hosting the next AFJ webinar on Friday, August 11th at 1:30pm EST. Miller is the author of The President's Kitchen Cabinet. He'll lead us through a presentation on diversity in food journalism in his webinar, "Writing a Mouthful: Incorporating Diverse Voices in Food Journalism". Miller plans to address points like incorporating people of color into reporting stories, reaching diverse audiences and identifying implicit bias.  

Photography credit - Felicia Perry with Food Seen Photography

Photography credit - Felicia Perry with Food Seen Photography

10 Steps to capturing a great image

What does the floor, a spoon or a shutter have to do with food photography? Just about everything. Professional food photographer Felicia Perry with Food Seen Photography broke down how to beautifully capture culinary subjects in ten simple steps. May 12, 2017


FInding food stories in public records

Find food news hiding in plain sight! In this webinar, former food editor (Grub Street/New York Magazine) and current journalism professor Aileen Gallagher helped attendees navigate municipal government and public records. Attendees learned how to get the most news out of public meetings and filings from city zoning and planning boards. March 3, 2017

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